For about the last week, we’ve had the old ‘Ellis Hollow lake effect’ on a daily basis. An inch or two here, four to six there.

snowy out

Haven’t had a lot of screen time to blog or comment much, as we’re taking care of our ‘grand puppy’ Charlie, who’s a handful under normal circumstance and requires special care after three surgeries in two weeks around the holidays. Here she is ready to roll.

snowy out

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7 thoughts on “Snowy”

  1. Poor pup, she does look bemused and a trifle pleading. i know how she feels. Please make it better. Such a weighty responsibility – the care of sick and hurt creatures.

    I didn’t get time to trawl through your holiday music this last month (sigh, I have loved them in the past) but I did enjoy, like the photo above, your garden landscape photos as the seasons have changed. Thanks. Snow.

  2. Charlie looks like she has spunk:) despite the rough circumstances. Best of luck.

    Your snow is BEAUTIFUL! We’ve had a little hanging on here in Baltimore because it’s so cold. So cold and so so dry in fact, that the snow hasn’t really melted but sublimated into the air. As a result my backyard is an interesting mix of powdery snow and powdery mud from the dogs wrestling around and chasing…going to be a mud nightmare when it finally melts.

  3. Yup. I’m from Binghamton. I don’t tell too many people that though. Went to school in Buffalo at the tender age of 17 and have been here ever since. More job opportunities in Buffalo than Binghamton at the time – and I believe that still to be true. I have family spread throughout the central tier – Whitney Point, Green, Chenango Bridge, Vestal, Chenango Forks, Port Dickinson, Binghamton and Cortland.

    Your back yard of snow reminds me of Binghamton growing up!

  4. It’s been nice. I like winter when it snows pretty fluffy snow off & on for days on end. Makes the skiing great, too! Poor Charlie! That’s a lot of surgeries, but she’s looking good. Sounds like we should get her and Buddy together for playtime when she’s better! Happy snowy new year, and hope all’s well.

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