Print publications and projects

cover of swedish edition of the vegetarian
Cover of the Swedish translation of Han Kang’s award-winning 2007 novel, The Vegetarian.
pax poster
Poster for Alpha Chapter of PAX, horticulture society honorary (Draft 2023).
Amber Waves mandala
Amber Waves, Tri-Societies art show (October 2022)
Resurgence and Ecologist magazine cover
Resurgence and Ecologist magazine cover (Jan./Feb. 2018).
Menu. Ritz Garden Restaurant, Madrid, Spain
diamond day poster
Movie poster for 2015 drama short Diamon Day.
green gallery cover
Pictorial feature, The Green Gallery (2017)
Pictorial in Eigen Huis, Dutch home and garden design magazine (April 2015).
Carley and Josh’s ‘Save the Date’ card (Total strangers who asked nicely, 2017)
das reservat
Website theme graphics for German design/build garden and landscape firm Das Reservat.
Calendars, an annual collaboration with niece Nancy and granddaughter Matilda.
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