Mostly round works of rotated and layered plant parts.


The Latest

Weekend doodle mandala
(March 2024)

Little different take on the usual mandala incorporating bouquets, tumblers and more from a fun weekend of early spring doodling.

early bloomers
Early Bloomers (February 2024)


Early Bloomers
(February 2024)

Still too cold to do fresh scans, though ephemerals are blooming early outside. So I used last year’s scans to create this mandala that started as a bouquet and morphed first into a 4-square.

ring in the new mandala
Ring in the new (December 2023)


Ring in the new (December 2023)

Last mandala for 2023, from 12/29/23 collection.

Visit blog to see how the sausage was made.

milkweed mandala
Milkweed pod and crooked stem (December 2023)


Milkweed pod and crooked stem (December 2023)

Found this milkweed pod with a crooked stem while on a walk to nearby field on Christmas Day.

fall mandala
Mandala (October 2023) – Cornus fruit, clover flower, miscanthus, pawpaw, sweetpotato, viburnum.
greenish mandala build
Mandala, (August 2023) – Garlic scapes, coper tips, hydrangea, banana leaf, fern frond, heuchera foliage.
spring ephemerals and other treasures
Mandala (March 2023) – 16 bouquets (willlow, spring ephemerals, hellebores) slammed together.

whitish blooms and mandalas
Night-blooming cereus mandala from archived scan (February 2023)
whitish blooms and mandalas
Whitish mandala from archived scans (February 2023). Allium, thalia daffodil, leucojum.
whitish blooms and mandalas
Whitish mandala from archived scans (February 2023). Dahlia, goosefoot loosestrife, cammassia.
foliage mandala build
Foliage mandala (January 2023). Sarracenia, begonia, oxalis, cyclamen(?).
arum et al mandala build
Winter break mandala (December 2022). Arum inflorescence, date seedhead, et al
coppertips et al
Squash tendril (July 2022).
Amber waves (July 2022).
Deconstructed iris #2 (June 2022). Dissected flower parts from Iris ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ .
Deconstructed iris #1 (June 2022). Dissected flower parts from an Iris reticulata.
anemone build
Anemone, goosefoot loosestrife, waterlily (Feb. 2022).
black friday scans
Poppy solo (February 2022).
New Year’s resolution (December 2021).
digital wreathmaking scans
Digital wreath (December 2021). Holly, heartleaf oxeye daisy seedheads, bittersweet berries.
Star of Bethlehem wreath (December 2021). Darwin’s Star Orchid passiflora, poinsettia.
Freehand oval (August 2020)
Remembering Jim mandala
Remembering Jim (July 2018)
Succulents (December 2019)
Solstice garden (December 2019)
Squiggly mandala
Squiggly (July 2017)
Eucomis pinwheel
Eucomis pinwheel (September 2016)
kale mandala
Hannah’s kale (August 2016) – Harvested from her breeding trial plots.
Crocosmia, thalictrum et al (August 2016)
Daffodils, frittilarias bluebells (April 2016).
spring mandala
Spring mandala (April 2016)
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