Weekend doodles

Finished up some doodles I started over the weekend using mostly early-season ephemeral scans from 2023. Japanese fantail willow, yellow and purple crocuses, single and fancy snowdrops, Iris ‘Katharine Hodgkin’.

yellow crocus
fancy snowdrops
iris and snowdrops
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Early bloomers

Still too cold to do fresh scans, though ephemerals are blooming early outside. So I used last year’s scans to create this mandala that started as a bouquet and morphed first into a 4-square.

The progression …

early bloomer bouquet
Transition from 4-square to mandala turns out to be a cross.
early bloomers
Early Bloomers Mandala (February 2024)
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Windowsill build video

Windowsill (January 2024)

In need of some greenery on this blustery MLK Day holiday weekend, found these interior plants mostly on my office windowsill.

Collection used in this build …

mostly houseplant leaves
Windowsill collection, January 14, 2024
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Poster drafts

Working on a poster for an organization of student plant aficionados. Have four rough drafts.  Not sure which I think most deserves finishing touches. 

pax poster cereus version
pax poster cereus plus version
pax poster collection version
pax poster barley version

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