During the prime growing (and scanning) season, I often don’t have time, energy or inspiration to do any complicated scanner art. But I still like to scan plant parts and see what they’ll look like on screen. These collections then serve as fodder for later works when I have time but not much poking through the snow to work with. They still take on a life of their own sometimes.

Early blooms collected around the yard March 3, 2024)
curly grasses mostly
Collected around the yard, January 21, 2024
mostly houseplant leaves
Windowsill collection, January 14, 2024
campus clips collection
Collected December 29, 2023
Collected December 25, 2023
fall collection
Collected October 22, 2023
August 20 collection
Collected August 18, 2023
August 6 collection
Collected August 6, 2023
July 23 collection
Collected July 23, 2023
June 24 collection
Collected June 24, 2023
bulb fodder
Collected April 23, 2023
gray day wallpaper
Collected April 2, 2023
spring ephemerals and other treasures
Early spring collection (March 2023).
wallpaper exercise
Collection from archived scans (February 2023).
whitish blooms and mandalas
Collection from archived scans (February 2023).
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