In case you missed it this week, Zonker and Zipper explore the erotica that is bulb catalogs. You can view Start with Monday’s strip and work you’re way through the week by clicking on the next tab.

Email from UPS says my bulb order arrives Tuesday.

While shooting pix the other day I heard the tell-tale squawks of crows harassing a hawk, then they flew right overhead.

crows harassing hawk

Colchicums at Billie Jean Isbell’s garden. Billie Jean hosted our first fall 2009 program of the Adirondack Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society. Love her garden.

colchicums at bji's

On Billie Jean’s barn, ‘Flying fish’ sculpture that looks to be fashioned from a piece of warped slapwood.

colchicums at bji's

Living, Growing Architecture – Great post over at Dark Roasted Blend, full of root and vine bridges, reed construction, espalier, arborisculpture and more.

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3 thoughts on “Miscellany”

  1. Bulb catalog erotica … too hilarious! I had missed that week – so am glad I stopped by!

    I struggle with the whole hawk thing. Our numbers have really increased here – and they’re really taking a toll (at least in my garden) on the number of songbirds (hawks and other things I’m sure…).

    Hope all is well – thanks for stopping by recently and noticing the Fine Gardening thing. It was alot of fun – probably my first and last gardening piece!

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