April bloom day scans

So my old scanner is unusable because our last Windows XP laptop bit the dust and you can’t get drives for this circa Y2K scanner for Windows 7. But I scored a cast-off scanner at work that will run with 7, but spent all morning trying to clean the platen glass (every household spray, mineral spirits, acetone, plutonium) and the glass is still streaky. Oh well. Don’t have $2,500 for the scanner I want. Too cheap to spend $60 for something that would work OK. Guess I’ll have to start doing more camera work.

Despite all that, this one didn’t turn out too bad: A selection of spring ephemerals that I’d have gotten really muddy trying to shoot in situ:

april scans

And some fuzzy hellebores, which are much more attractive in person.

april scans

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3 thoughts on “April bloom day scans”

  1. Bummer about the scanner. Life would be so much better with an IT person to call on, who was not us! Bigger tech and plant budgets for all!!!

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