What with our Zone 7 winter thus far (knock wood), we’ve had snow drops. In Minns Garden on campus …


And even a few at home, where it’s a little colder …



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4 thoughts on “Snowdrops”

  1. I’m not a big fan of other early spring/late winter bulbs but I really do love snowdrops. Had a rather warm winter here as well.

  2. You have accomplished the impossible — great, clear photos of snowdrops! I have taken so many shots and I can never get them clear, in focus, or sharp. For me their extreme white washes out, and the depth of field is tricky since they are so small and so close to mulch pieces that are bigger than they are.

    I have seen a lot of other photographers struggle too. What a delight to see how beautifully your snowdrops are captured.

  3. Nice to see those lovely snowdrops. I kinda enjoy a rather warm february in this part of the globe so not much chance seeing snowdrops except through pictures. Great pictures, must be heartwarming seeing life springing back to life with the winter coming to an end. Great blog, I also got great gardening tips from this site Looking forward for the spring blooms you’ll have there!

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