50th thanks (lotsa pix)

A great big thanks to everyone who made my 50th such a very, very special day. I’ll share some of the pictures below …

Elly scanned a bunch of old pictures for a ‘through the years’ poster [1.7 mb]

Corey came home from school in Albany. Fred was so happy he was dancing.

fred dancing

Carol made the cake and a mighty wind got all the candles first try.

carol and cakemighty wind

David and Rosemary, what a pair. They both wore black in mourning for my passing (the 50 mark).

david and rosemary

The big surprise, Dad (with Corey) and Sandy (pictured later) came up from Florida for the bash.

corey and dad

Corey and cousin Becky. Becky set up the scope so we could see the crows nesting in the pines. And she made me granola. Another Uncle Craig mystery exposed.

becky and corey

Charles was in charge of the speedies on the grill so I could relax. Jack mentors Cay on her business plan in the Camry office.

charlesjack and cay

The wise ones, Eunice (my mother in law), Cal (my father) and Sandy (my stepmom).

wise ones

I only hope that I can be half the man my dog thinks I am.

me and fred

Marc made me a cold frame to replace my dilapidated one in the background. And he painted it bottle-tree blue.

cold frame

Sister Sue gave me a trellis, and Kim and Nance brought a Thunbergia. And they didn’t even plan it out ahead of time. Robert roamed his barn looking for things an eccentric gardener might do something with. What can I plant in this disk blade?


More goodies from Robert’s barn.

barn goodies

A vase (rhymes with was) from the Museum of Modern Art from Steve. I’m not sure many of my flowers are classy enough for this work of art. Thanks Steve!

moma vase

Sue and Corey reading one of the weiner cards, no doubt.

weiner cards

Look dear. You open and close the card and the guy picks his nose.

El and me

Niece Nancy. Bowling pin vase Marc made me. The bowling ball in the garden story will have to wait until a future blog. But by now you should understand Marc is one serious artist. Check out his bowls and other woodworking. The make great gifts.

nancybowling pin vase

Lori and Paul from the balcony.

Lori and Paul

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11 thoughts on “50th thanks (lotsa pix)”

  1. Looks like a fun party. You scored on the garden gifts.

    I had to read the part about “was” rhyming with the fancy pronunciation of “vase” a couple of times before I realized how you must say “was.” Down here, “was” rhymes with “fuzz.” 😉

  2. Actually, I say it like fuzz. But I couldn’t think of a better rhyme. Except for Murray Waas and I don’t think too many folks know who he is.

  3. What a great party and I love your gifts! Are those the shoes (in the first picture on your feet) that you pictured on your previous ‘blog’? Are those snake skins in the vase (was)? And last but not least, those terra cotta tiles are great for storing wine!!! Hope you got a few bottles.

  4. Hello fellow outlaw,

    I hope when I turn 50 this year, it is with the grace and dignity you bring to the age. Sorry we couldn’t make it up but we were with you in spirit. It looks like fun was had by all.

  5. A great guy I know just turned fifty,
    and his tastes still tend towards the thrifty.
    He’ll mix things organic
    With the strange and mechanic
    For a garden that’s pretty darn nifty.

    Sorry we couldn’t make the party. Looks like you got lots of swell stuff (though I know you’re most excited about the rusty doohickeys)
    Welcome to the club – we can grab our AARP cards and try to score some cheap public transportation and a 4:30 p dinner.

  6. Yet another special present, Wayne. Thanks. No one (that I know of) has ever written me a poem before this. And one that’s on the money, too.

  7. My 50th last year was a little quieter, tried to have it past by quietly. Don’t know about you but the whole 50 thing still seems entirely surreal even at the now ripe old age of 51 and 1 month.

    Happy B’day, now get to the garden!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like it was a great one–what fun friends and family you have. You really scored on those gardening gifts. Will you show us pics when you find places for them to live in your garden?

    (And that Fred… seeing him inverted like that, I just wanted to scratch his belly until he falls asleep content in the sunshine. What a great pooch.)

  9. Geez Hank. If you’d just move to Ithaca you could sail and come to my parties. I mean we throw one at least every other year. ;-7

    I was worried about you. Thought maybe you’d finally found that garden buddy. Then I thought maybe it takes him a long time to get ready for Derby Day. Now I realize that you were writing a 40-page post. I’m only 15-percent through it and already I’ve got cultural observations about peaches to post in a comment.

  10. Craig,

    You are man of wide knowledge. It hit 39F last night and so now I know it is time to bring things in. But I need a “trellis” like you have pictured with the Thunbergia… to put into a large pot. My problem is that I’m not sure what such a creation is called. A trellis seems to be (more generally) something else.

    Do you know what the tubular thing you have might more accurately be called (so I can go about the process of getting a big one)? Can’t really search for something without the “name.” You know me and language.

    Hope you are well.

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