The big five-oh (same as it every was)

Celebrating the big five-oh this weekend. What better way than with the best Talking Heads cover ever (Once In A Lifetime):

For the purist, the original video:

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8 thoughts on “The big five-oh (same as it every was)”

  1. Hey – Happy Birthday. Do you think it would somehow be a different kinda birthday if it was called the Little 5-0?

  2. Thanks for all the good wishes, folks. Today’s the day, and already I’ve been treated to a surprise visit from my dad and stepmom up from Florida. And I even got a personal email from Dave’s Garden. ;-7

    Hello castor_bean1,

    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y to castor_bean1…
    Happy Birthday to you!


    Have a blessed day!

    The crew at Dave’s Garden

    And Layanee, there’s been cake and candles already thanks to my siste, and I expect more today.

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