Sod sculpture installation at Longwood Gardens

My friend and co-worker Marcia Eames-Sheavly spent most of last week at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pa. She and one of her former students built a sod sculpture on the grounds there with the help of Longwood staff and about 30 attendees of the American Horticultural Society’s (AHS) National Children & Youth Garden Symposium.

The story and more pictures at the Cornell Living Sculpture website.

longwood sod sculpture

Update 7/31/2008: Charlotte Kidd, one of the symposium participants, blogged about it as part of her NGA Mid-Atlantic Regional Report: Living Sculpture For the Young and Young at Heart

Grab shots from Minns Garden

Just a few shots from Minns Garden outside my office Saturday morning. I’m trying to get used to a new operating system on my home computer (Linux/Ubuntu) and the Gimp (I didn’t choose the name) image editor. So far, it works pretty good. But it will be awhile before I’m comfortable with it.

Blooms …
from minns

from minns

More fiddling with backlighting, which isn’t easy when it’s getting close to noon.
from minns

from minns

Weekend pix

These caught my eye during a quick Saturday morning walkaround.





Phlomis. I like it as much after it flowers.

This lily is a volunteer in the veggie garden. I don’t know what I’d do with that orange anywhere else.

Veronicastrum and buttonbush.

Kathy Pufahl Container Competition


Cornell University’s Department of Horticulture (where I work) held it’s annual floriculture field day last week. Part of the program was the 5th annual Kathy Pufahl Container Competition.

There were more than 40 entries this year, hauled in from all across New York by field day attendees. The contest honors the late Kathy Pufahl, who founded Beds and Borders, Inc., Laurel, N.Y. She was a staple on the horticultural educational seminar circuit, spreading her container ideas far and wide, helping to change the way the horticulture industry looks at the spring container business.

View winners and other entries.