Kathy Pufahl Container Competition


Cornell University’s Department of Horticulture (where I work) held it’s annual floriculture field day last week. Part of the program was the 5th annual Kathy Pufahl Container Competition.

There were more than 40 entries this year, hauled in from all across New York by field day attendees. The contest honors the late Kathy Pufahl, who founded Beds and Borders, Inc., Laurel, N.Y. She was a staple on the horticultural educational seminar circuit, spreading her container ideas far and wide, helping to change the way the horticulture industry looks at the spring container business.

View winners and other entries.

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One thought on “Kathy Pufahl Container Competition”

  1. Wow… what stiff competition that was, judging by the other entries included on the page you linked! I am going to bookmark that page so that I can mosey back through the pictures when I need inspiration for next year’s containers.

    I think that my personal favorite is the third place winner in the open division, though. Something about that ornamental oregano spilling over the corner, and the piece of driftwood coming up in the back, really works for me.

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