6 thoughts on “Gone in 200 seconds”

  1. Wow, it is nice that they had all that room to work. They were able to bring in the big machinery and really move that thing out. All that mulch too. whoo hooo No more raking the leaves from that big baby.

  2. James: Not so much a new garden but a big area of dry shade to scorching sun with decent moisture. (Run off from the roof and no maple roots.) I’ve got a lot of pachysandra, cyclame, hellebores, pulmonaria, heucheras, epimediums, ginger, etc. that I suspect won’t be happy next spring. A lot of those chips are going under the Norway spruce, which I’ll probably limb up a little higher to let in the light, and hopefully the shade lovers will be happy when I move them there.

    Melissa: Yeah. Exciting to watch, but sad. If looking at some of those rotten chunks and seeing Keith get splatted with water collecting inside, we realized how lucky we were it didn’t come down the hard way.

  3. insane. can’t believe the machinery! another great time lapse.
    I believe I accidentally deleted most of the tree-felling photos from our yard. If there are still any, I’ll post them, too to show the huge difference from the nice clean way yours was done. Bye bye tree, hello sunshine.

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