Imperial tofu poohbahs

Last Memorial Day at Carol and Marc’s, the theme of the day was jello. This year it was tofu, and the best in show award went to our daughter Corey and her boyfriend Noah for their tofu spring roll entry, beating out the tofu walnut balls and a load of entries in the dessert category.

memorial day 2009

Nate learned not to chase frisbees into the nettles barefoot.
memorial day 2009

Corey and Noah check out the water garden.
memorial day 2009

fredBittersweet weekend. Lots of excitement with friends and family and graduation going on here in Ithaca. But Fred the Dalmatian is very sick. He had kidney stone surgery last Tuesday and had complications that required a second surgery. We got to see him today and got him to eat a little bit. He’s weak and thin and not out of the woods yet. Please send some good thoughts his way.

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3 thoughts on “Imperial tofu poohbahs”

  1. I am glad to hear you had a good weekned despite worrying about Fred. Healing thoughts and prayers are coming Freds way.

  2. sending Fred lots of good healing thoughts.
    Just finished nursing one of my furballs back to health…nothing tugs on my heart more than when a dear animal hurts.

  3. Come on, Fred! Summer’s almost here and Jade can’t keep up with all those cones without you. Me & Bud are sending prayers and tail wags for you to get well soon.

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