Anyone know this ‘weed’?

This came up in a friend’s garden here in Ithaca. We suspect it might be a native plant or hitched it’s way in on a plant from another garden. It has a 4-sided stem. Root is about the size of a pencil stub.

Any ideas?

unknown weed
Larger image.

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3 thoughts on “Anyone know this ‘weed’?”

  1. 4-sided stem? it’s clearly an alien, a parsnip that decided it wanted to be a silk plant, and then a tree instead.

  2. Oooo! If it’s what I think it is, get rid of it – quick!
    It sure looks like the invasive weed that hitched a ride in some grain seed the local farmers ordered from China. I looked it up when we and our neighbors started seeing it popping up everywhere on our properties, and one of the local farmers confirmed it.
    Another alien invasive weed – Just what we need in NY, eh?

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