‘Painted’ Alliums – Early fireworks in Minns Garden

The 4th of July holiday is coming up fast. But last week I spotted these early fireworks in Minns Garden, outside the Plant Science Building where I work at Cornell University.

painted alliums

painted alliums

painted alliums

If you want Alliums like these in your garden, find directions at the end of this post from last year.

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8 thoughts on “‘Painted’ Alliums – Early fireworks in Minns Garden”

  1. I just suggested to a friend that she paint her alliums! I now remember reading it on your post last year so thanks for the suggestion! They look fun!

  2. Hi Craig – just saw Julie’s fireworks and came over.
    They’re still wacky fun, and I still have no allium. The agapanthus have a similar shape but they fall apart too fast to be useful – wonder what else might work.

    Would it sound too picky if I wished that a few of the allium heads had been painted white?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. So, I have to admit that these alliums grabbed my eye and I was like what the fuh but upon finding out they were spray painted?! No way, man. That’s nuts. But interesting. But nuts.

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