Singing Ringing Tree

singing ringing treeHere’s an interesting sculpture from northwest England I’d love to emulate. It’s made of galvanized pipes, some of which are strategically placed to catch the wind and make intersting, droning music. You can hear it in the YouTube below.

Hat tip to Dark Roasted Blend for this one. Whenever I can’t digest any more words on the the screen, I turn to DRB for the most fun and compelling visual content on the ‘Net.

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7 thoughts on “Singing Ringing Tree”

  1. Wow. People are so clever. I love the vision that creates this “singing ringing tree” – in the first place, and then in the council who agreed to pay for the installation.

  2. Wow, how fun! Sound is underused in gardens… two of my favorite places at the University of Dayton (where I went to college) were these “echo points” where low walls caught and bounced the sound back to you in an echo. You could stand there and talk to someone a few feet away… it would sound normal to them, but to you it would sound like you were on stage or something.

  3. Oh, I love this, both visually and I really like the idea of the sound changing with the weather. I bet it would be really awesome and creepy on a windy fall day.

  4. This is freaking awesome. It is beautiful visually, and the sound is disturbing. I wonder if one could do this with pvc, or even copper pipes.

    Kim–I did my masters at Ohio State and we had something similar, but it was a large entranceway.

  5. Cool picks for Youtube! Thanks for sharing. I love the sound sculpture–but don’t know enough about music to construct one …. yet…..

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