Remembering Jade (1997-2014)

The intensity and smarts of her border collie heritage. The heart of her Lab side. My best friend for 17 years. What more can I say.

She loved laying on fresh mulch in the sun on a cool day.

Or when it was hot, hanging out under Rosie the Airstream while Elly worked on her remodel.
stay-cation pix

Running through the snow.
dogs in snow

Chasing the deer back on their side of the ‘invisible fence’.
deer taunting Jade

Always with a ball or — more often — a Norway spruce cone — in her mouth begging for me to play fetch.

She knew pretty well when the bag on the lawn mower would be full and would meet me at that spot to get in a throw before I went back to work. (She’s going on 13 in these last two.)

During winter when the spruce cones were buried, she’d jump up and pull them off the low-hanging branches.
jade pulling spruce cones

She was never a mother, but she would have been a good one. Late in life, she was great with Corey and Noah’s Charlie …


Jade is over 10 years old in most of the pictures I have. But I do have a few from the early days that we shot with our first Casio digital camera, which we thought miraculous what with those 320-pixel-wide images …

I only wish I had some pictures of her doing agility or chasing down the frisbee across Suggett Park to the cheers of families eating supper in the distance.

And of course she had a great buddy Fred.


She always managed to sneak in to some of my favorite garden photos. (Guess that’s why she’s been in my banner image from the start.)
jade in the morning

Farewell old friend. The yard isn’t the same without you.

Jade rolling in the grass under a double rainbow.
jade and double rainbow

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9 thoughts on “Remembering Jade (1997-2014)”

  1. what a beautiful girl and sorry for all that she is gone. why anyone would live w/o a dog(s) is beyond me. they bring out the best in us and help us avoid the rest.

  2. So sorry for your loss, Craig. I’ll miss seeing Jade pop up in your blog photos…and I love that she used to meet you where she knew you would be taking a “break” during the mowing. Smart girl! 🙂

    Sending hugs….

  3. I know all too well, several times over, what you are going through. I have no firm feelings about the afterlife, but if I am greeted by my pack of lost dogs, I would be happy eternally.

  4. I feel your pain, I had to put down my 14 yr old kitty a couple of days ago. Jade will be waiting for you across the rainbow bridge. God Bless you both!

  5. Oh my. I am so sorry. I know how you feel exactly having lost our 16 yr old lab in May and then not 3 weeks later, the younger lab succumbed to renal failure from lyme. I am still not over it and I expect you will not be for quite a while. Hugs to you and yours. Your tribute was wonderful and loving. I hope that Jade is running free over the rainbow bridge.

  6. i’m so very sorry for your loss…and understand from my own experience just how big a loss it is. Sorry also that this is coming so late.

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