Chasing 70

That’s the name of a blog that my son Nate and his girlfriend Jo (at the helm, below right) are using to spin tales of their current adventure.

jo at the helmLast week, they bought a 1985 Hunter 25.5 sailboat out of Muskegon, Michigan, sailed/motored it across Lake Michigan on a thankfully calm day and are now wending their way through Illinois following the path of the looper community (albeit more than a few weeks behind the main surge) with the goal of reaching the Gulf and 70 F temps by Christmas.

Visit Chasing 70 if you’d like to hear the stories of rookies navigating locks and dam(n)s, hail and oh the dreadful wind and rain and other challenges. And if you know any ‘loopers’ who make the trek up the east coast in spring, travel the Great Lakes in summer, and return to the Gulf through the Mississippi or Tennessee in fall, please pass the link along. They might have some good tips for these young adventurers.

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3 thoughts on “Chasing 70”

  1. Brilliant! Never heard of loopers before. I hope they don’t get smacked by any of those bad old Asian carp! Will check out the blog. I could use a vicarious adventure.

  2. this is so exciting!! will definitely follow their course.

    my husband and i just completed some brief sailing lessons this october out here in annapolis… looking forward to getting a boat ourselves when we finally figure out what is right for us.

    best wishes to nate and jo!!

  3. I have been enjoying the adventures of No and Nathan… What a wonderful experience and I will follow the trials…tribulations…successes…the two of them will encounter in their travels.

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