Thanks Charles!

Believe me, a gift certificate goes at lot farther at the Ithaca Agway than it does in Boston — or even Springfield, for that matter. The colors in this image aren’t great. The large pots are a very subtle lavender. (Nana would approve.) I may even get them planted today if the rain winds down. Will post more pix when they’re planted.

pots from charles

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4 thoughts on “Thanks Charles!”

  1. Hi Craig,

    Off-topic, I wanted to note that I have posted about the Blaschka show–I believe I saw a post about it some time ago on your blog.

    It’s been on my radar for a while too (they send their PR out really early) and I always planned to post about it on the Rant when it drew nigh.

    Looks really cool.

  2. I, too, would like to know what ended up in those pots, Craig… 🙂 Beautiful even without anything, but probably much better with!

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