Straight and curly

Walking onion, another allium, verbascum, Leymus arenarius (?) seedheads.
straight and curly scans

Equisetum, Allium ‘Hair’, curly willow, clematis.
straight and curly scans

Bonus (off-theme) scans …

Elderberry, Camassia, Digitalis, Allium ‘Hair’, some other allium.
straight and curly scans

Deutzia scabra, allium, nigella, achillea, Stachys byzantina
straight and curly scans

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4 thoughts on “Straight and curly”

  1. Lovely!!

    Are equisetum the straight stick-like things that look like an asparagus and a bamboo plant collided? I love those. I see them on hikes by rivers here and never knew what they were called.

  2. Yes. Those are equisetum. I only grow them in pots because they can be pretty aggressive.

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