4 thoughts on “Late fall grasses”

  1. I love how the blue bottles contrast and complement the golden grasses! This fall I just planted my first grasses in my garden, but I’m not even sure exactly what types they are. (they were given to me) I recently started a blog about my gardening. Would you mind checking it out and giving me any pointers, as you obviously know what you’re done?

  2. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog via this site – http://www.coldclimategardening.com/upstate-ny/blogs/ – and wanted to say hello and tell you the photos of the grasses are amazing. We are a bit north of you in Marcellus and have one of those grasses that loves being near our pond. Love your description of “pot and shovel gardening” as that often describes us. Looking forward to checking out more of your blog!

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