August bloom day scans

Thanks, as usual, for Carol for hosting at May Dreams. More scans here. Flower scanning directions are here. Click on images for larger view.

july scans

july scans

Rudbeckia laciniata ‘Hortensia’
july scans

july scans

Mysterious white flower from plant rescued from L.H. Bailey Conservatory. Thought it might be an agapanthus until it threw a stalk of these flowers.
july scans

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8 thoughts on “August bloom day scans”

  1. All of the scans are pretty, but I love how the thalictrum seem like little ghost flowers, quietly emerging from the shadows somehow… seems pretty apt, in terms of what they did in my garden the only year I got them to grow!

    That exotic white flower is some sort of hymenocallis, I think. I’ve looked at growing those before, along with the lycoris and such… but haven’t yet gotten up the nerve to try them. (Truth be told, I’m a pretty lazy gardener and would probably forget to dig them all up… like I do with cannas.)

  2. i think I favor the nasurtiums or the thalictrum, which to me looks like purple stars in a night sky. I agree with Kim on the Hymenocallis ID.

  3. The scans make an interesting GBBD display. It adds a little photographic excitement, eerie even, with the dark studio like background.

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