‘Picture This’ photo contest entry

It’s been a real pleasure this month to have Picture This photo contest theme where I’ve had the plants, the time and the light to actually use the theme to stretch my modest photography skills. Thank you Rob (and the folks at GGW) for setting this up.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t made the image that I wanted. I’ve been working the garden on the few evenings that we’ve had some great evening light — and especially this one hellebore. But I don’t think I quite got it.

Here’s my entry:


And here are some of the runners-up. I actually like this image better, but don’t think it fits the light theme:


Ditto for this one:


Page down to other posts for the last few weeks for some of the others that didn’t make the cut.

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6 thoughts on “‘Picture This’ photo contest entry”

  1. I actually like the last one, of the hellebores looking away. Something is happening off to the left that is getting all the blooms’ attention, and the two blooms in the front are lit up by it, and radiant. I hear music.

  2. All of them are incredibly beautiful. I like the second one better as a photo, but you are right, the first fits the theme better.

  3. Those are all lovely images! I agree, the 2nd is my favorite, but I do think the first is more in keeping to the theme of the contest.

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