Trees and Other Ramifications at the Johnson Museum

I’ve heard great things about a current exhibition Trees and Other Ramifications: Branches in Nature and Culture at the Johnson Museum on the Cornell University campus through January 2. (Exhibit description, page down.)

I haven’t had a chance to go see it yet. But I have explored the museum sponsored Tree Blog that accompanies the exhibition and asks people to join in celebration by submitting images, stories, descriptions, poems, photos, or any other creative response to an inspiring tree. Definitely worth exploring.

Here are some inspiring trees I’ve found on Libe Slope, within spitting distance of the museum. If I’d have let the frame drift a little to the right in the first one, you’d have been able to see the Johnson in the background.

fall pix

Simulated tilt-shift looking south from Uris Library.
tilt shift trials

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2 thoughts on “Trees and Other Ramifications at the Johnson Museum”

  1. I’m glad you posted on this to remind me. It’s also good to see I didn’t miss the submission date for submitting tree images to the blog (thought it ended when the show opened). Are you going to send one of your gorgeous images? The tilt-shift really makes the color go POW!

  2. It is past deadline, though it looks like they are still adding to the blog. I sent these two in in hopes that they’d include them, but reposted them here in case they didn’t.

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