Gardening Gone Wild ‘Picture This’ photo contest:

colchicum scanI am honored to be the judge in this month’s Picture This photo contest over at Gardening Gone Wild.

The theme is ‘Fall on a Flatbed Scanner’. That’s right. Just arrange plant material — flowers, foliage and the like — on your basic office flatbed scanner. Click preview and make a few adjustments. Scan, and enter.

It’s easy and fun. If you’ve been following my Garden Blogger Bloom Day Scans over the years, now’s your chance to try it out yourself. See Nan’s post for all the entering details, directions and links to inspiring ‘scanographic artist’ sites.

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One thought on “Gardening Gone Wild ‘Picture This’ photo contest:”

  1. Dar Craig
    About 2 years ago you put my giant metal flower sculpture on your blog because it was inspired by one of your photos. I am still working and see your stuff on facebook. Don’t know your email to send yousome more photos of what I have been working on.
    All the best

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