Verbascum daze

Verbascums really carry the weight this time of year. Sorry I’ve lost track of the species/cultivars. (Yellow ones might by V. olympicum?) They just reseed nicely (well, you’ve got to be a little brutal on the seedlings) every year.

verbascum daze

verbascum daze

verbascum daze

verbascum daze

verbascum daze

Verbascum chaixii ‘Album’?
verbascum daze

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6 thoughts on “Verbascum daze”

  1. So glad you found your way back to the computer. Wonderful terrace sans the maple. The mulleins bloomed here early and petered out early. I was hoping for a much longer show from them. Yours are wonderful, the thistle too.

  2. Wow Craig, the space is wonderful with all those tall babies surrounding it. Makes a nice sunny sitting spot.

  3. What do you mean about being brutal on the seedlings? Simple neglect (I’m good at that!) or something a little more involved?

    I love the silvery thistle foliage, but the verbascums are my favorites in this post, btw. They’re just these gorgeous exclamation points around your garden. 🙂

  4. It must be hard to get any reading done on that patio with all those verbascums looking over your shoulder.

  5. Kim: What I mean about being brutal is taking a hoe to the seedlings that can carpet the ground if I don’t get around to deadheading. Even when I deadhead ruthlessly, I have the dozen or so plants you see scattered around. If I don’t deadhead, they cover every inch of open soil.

    Les and Lynn: You think I actually sit out there, except maybe to tie my shoes? Actually, it’s a little warm out there without the maple. It’s more of a spring and fall spot these days. Elly’s paint job on the chair really makes it though.

  6. Wow. Fabulous.
    My white one doesn’t reseed/come back anymore…and none with as many branches as yours have.

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