milly acharya botanical illustrations at Mann Library

nigellaI’m no art critic. But I am a big sucker for botanical illustration.

I had a few minutes to check out the exhibition at the Mann Library Gallery of works by Ithaca artist milly acharya this afternoon. If you’re in the area, go see them. If you’re not, check out her gallery. (Delphine: allez voient) Click on the image at right for a larger view of one of my favorites.

Botanical illustration can be dry. But acharya’s are filled with life. Plus, most of them are plants that I grow, as local plants are the focus of her work.

Another must-see at Mann: Chad Miller, one of our doctoral candidates in the Dept. of Horticulture will be giving a presentation on The Traveling Tulip this Sunday at noon. Be there or be square.

the traveling tulip


For about the last week, we’ve had the old ‘Ellis Hollow lake effect’ on a daily basis. An inch or two here, four to six there.

snowy out

Haven’t had a lot of screen time to blog or comment much, as we’re taking care of our ‘grand puppy’ Charlie, who’s a handful under normal circumstance and requires special care after three surgeries in two weeks around the holidays. Here she is ready to roll.

snowy out