KCRW concerts: Ditty Bops

moon over freeway artIt’s been awhile since I’ve made time to listen to Morning Becomes Eclectic, the flagship program of Santa Monica’s public radio station, KCRW. But I credit that program with broadening my taste in contemporary music.

I especially enjoy the program’s in-studio concerts. That link will take you to a page of the most recent concerts. Browse it and I guarantee you’ll find new music you like. (Also some that won’t be your cup of tea.)

Since I last visited, they’ve upgraded their website so that you can now embed many of these performances. (They’ve got budget. Last pledge drive I listened to, Ted Danson called in. They raised more in one break than the entire pledge drive of our local public radio station.)

I first fell in love with the Ditty Bops when I watched this concert. They’re very artsy, very green (they started an LA-to-NY tour the next day via bicycle, which I followed on their blog) and their harmonies ooze sweetness. Creative videos and concert footage on YouTube, including a performance for an audience of goats.

I suspect that this will be the first in a series.

From May 2006 in-studio. Don’t miss the shadow-puppet show.

Their most recent in-studio from this past June.

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CALS turf sculpture morphs into cow (kind of)

sod cowBack in 2006, Cornell undergrad Danielle Hodgins created quite a stir at graduation by creating a larger-than-life cow sod sculpture outside of the animal science building. [Images | Cornell Chronicle article | .mov]

This year, Danielle graduated. But she had one more sod sculpture project in her before matriculation: She spelled out CALS (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) on the ag quad, the center of many graduation-related events.

cals sod sculpture

It’s not easy keeping sod green when it’s installed on a wooden skeleton. As alumni weekend approached — two weeks after graduation — the call was made. It was time to pull the sculpture down before the alumni arrived on campus. It was just a little too brown.

But Danielle had another idea, probably inspired by her formative years growing up on a dairy farm. A little sports turf paint and she transformed the sculpture into a surreal Holstein theme.

cals sod sculpture

I’ll blog about the mural she painted in our hall someday soon.

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