Piet Oudolf pix

No secret. I’m a big fan of Piet Oudolf.

Tonight, I stumbled into Yolanda’s Dutch gardening blog, Bliss (lots of great images), where she posted about her October 2005 visit to Piet and Anna’s nursery.

About the only pictures I’ve seen of the nursery have been from books — real professional shots that make the place look too good. I like Yolanda’s better. It looks like a real working garden/nursery.

In the comments, Gloria from Chicago (visit her Pollinators Welcome blog) pointed to her album of pictures from Oudolf’s installation at the Lurie Gardens. As luck would have it, I had a two-day meeting about 10 blocks away just months after that garden was planted. It still looked a little rough. Great to see that it’s filling in nicely.

Here’s a one shot from Gloria’s album:

Oudolf, Lurie Garden, Chicago

Gloria wrote about Lurie Garden in Garden Rant in December, where she points to this slide show illustrating Oudolf’s idea of birth, life, and death in a garden. Lots of great dead plants.