Bloom day scans

Late to the party, as usual. (In fact, I’ve broken my record for late.) These geraniums (err pelargoniums) were supposed to be in flower in August for my daughter’s wedding. (They would have complemented the bridesmaids’colors.) Instead, they’ve waited until I put them in a cool room to remain in suspended animation for the winter to start cranking out blooms nonstop.

Thanks, as usual, for Carol for hosting at May Dreams. More scans here. Flower scanning directions are here. Click on image for larger view.

geraniums, err pelargoniums

Dryden Beautification Brigade

the year at ellis hollowI had the distinct honor of giving a presentation at the season-end celebration of the Dryden Beautification Brigade. These volunteers do a great job planting and maintaining planters and public gardens around the village.

After viewing a slideshow of them in action, I told them that if any local government had to pay full retail for plantings like these, they’d never happen. It’s great to see the pride this group has for their community and the energy they put into their beautification efforts.

I’m not much of a public speaker. So I overwhelmed them with slides chronicling the year in my garden. Several of the brigaders asked if I’d put the presentation on line so they could go back and capture the names of plants they want to try but didn’t have a chance to jot down. So here it is, all 31 MB. So be patient. It’s a long download.