February bloom day scans

Apologies for the sporadic blogging this winter, including taking off two months on the bloom day scans. (Life’s been hectic, especially on the doggie front.) Figured February would be a good month to get back in the saddle with some dark, broody bloom day scans of the seeds and stems variety. We’ll get some color back in a month or two. Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting.

feb scan

More bloom day scans.

Here’s how you do it. (It’s easy.)

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8 thoughts on “February bloom day scans”

  1. I like your broody bloom day scans.

    Weeding in February? At this point I would love to have a day fit enough to weed.

  2. Lovely and calming. Is the left side of the heart shape some sort of crazy willow? How are the granddog and your guys doing? Take good care over there.

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