An amanita?

These popped up in the yard over the weekend.

orange mushroom

orange mushroom

orange mushroom

orange mushroom

orange mushroom

Fred’s there just for scale. (He was curious why I was down on the ground.) I shooed him off and destroyed these right after this shot.

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5 thoughts on “An amanita?”

  1. Fred and the mushroom look excellent together. Wow that is a big mushroom what ever it is. I don’t usually get to see such colorful mushrooms.

  2. Fred and the mushroom DO look excellent together! Lisa’s right. And I’m glad that you showed the two of them, because it really makes the bright color and size of that mushroom even more apparent… wow!

  3. eeek! I agree that Fred really contrasts the destroying angel well, if that’s what it is, but that would be SO much worse than kidney stones. I can just see Bud in hyper-playful mode running by at 80 mph, stealing it, and running off never to be caught. I’ll keep my eyes out over in the ‘ville!

  4. That mushroom is HUGE! The image with the mushroom and Fred is a classic – and it almost makes the mushroom look like a turtle shell.

  5. Great shots – nice find

    I’ve never found one on my own but a friend called the other day and took me to one in his pine woods.

    It’s a Fly Agaric – Amanita muscaria. What sub-species is anyone’s guess.
    (but you know that now – thanks for the visit)

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