Down on Your Knees: GGW Picture This Photo Contest

Here’s my entry in the August Picture This Photo Contest. This month’s theme: “Down on Your Knees.”

Iris reticulata
Iris reticulata

I get down on my knees — and my belly — in the mud in the early spring, because that’s where all the action is here. But here are others that were under consideration:

Droplets on crocus
droplets on crocus

Bee buzzing Iris reticulata. This was actually my top choice at first. I’m partial to pollinators, and this floating bee provided a focus. If the light had been the same as my entry, this one would be at the top of the page.
bees on iris reticulata


Another bee shot, this time on eranthis
bee on eranthis

Lots more close-ups of spring ephemerals in these posts:

Droplets on crocus
Double snowdrop
A special eranthis, more snowdrops
More buzzing (I. reticulata)
Yellow crocus, scilla
First crocuses
Iris reticulata in a different light
More Iris reticulata
Iris reticulata
Spring a-buzzin’
First flowers

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8 thoughts on “Down on Your Knees: GGW Picture This Photo Contest”

  1. I love the perspective and the shallow depth of field on the first eranthis shot. makes me feel like a toad hopping through your garden.

  2. Loved ’em in March and love ’em now! I found out too late to send a picture in but really enjoyed seeing all the entries. Definitely think I need some eranthis!

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