Another painted allium

painted allium

Another painted allium. Should have a video on this ready soon.

Some more bulb stuff worth checking out (cross posted from The Bulb Project):

Watch a landscape evolve before your eyes – online – The Christian Science Monitor reports on the new Seasonal Walk Chronicles website that tracks the new installation at the New York Botanical Garden designed by landscape surperstars Piet Oudolf and Jacqueline van der Kloet that combines flower bulbs and naturalistic styling. You can read more about van der Kloet’s style in the Aug. 5 New York Times: Dutch Designer Liberates Bulbs From Mass Plantings (free registration required).

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1 thought on “Another painted allium”

  1. I just love looking at Ellis Hollow and all of your wonderful photography. You helped me with a plant question last spring and I was curious as to whether or not you would be will to do so again.
    I have a beautiful rogue flower which has grown in our vegetable garden. Thankfully this year it surpassed being mistaken for a weed and therefore being pulled. I have a photo of it and have searched everywhere that I can think of to try to identify it.
    Would love to see if you can identify. I want to plant more next year if possible.
    Can I send you a photo?
    Any help would be appreciated. Best regards.

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