More cerinthe

Like Nectaroscordum, this annual packs a lot of colors in a small space. I’ve grown it a couple times in the past. I think I’ll have to move it up into the ‘grow every year’ category.

Cerinthe major

Cerinthe major

Cerinthe major

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7 thoughts on “More cerinthe”

  1. I find this quite a striking flower. I tried to grow it once from seeds but I lost all my seedlings that time to some pest. Will have to make another effort.

  2. I grow this every year too (it reseeds heavily in California gardens). The bees love it more than anything else I have in March and April.

  3. The couple of times I’ve grown it, it hasn’t seeded around. Will have to work on that this year.

    But the time it blooms for me here, there’s clover and a lot of other good bee forage. So I haven’t really noticed all that much activity.

  4. Craig, look in the ends of the blooms for bee butts sticking out… they used to be almost entirely enveloped in the blooms on mine all the time, instead of being really noticeable, buzzing around and such.

    I haven’t grown this one for a few years now. I think I’m going to have to remedy that next year.

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