High-angle views

One of my favorite views of the garden is from our second-story bathroom window. Looking for a better view of the mystery bog grass the other day — looks like it’s American Manna Grass, Glyceria grandis (thanks Lisa) — I tried something a little different that gives me a similar high-angle view:

I fully extended my monopod, set the timer on the camera, and held it up over my head. I’m guessing that puts the camera up around 14 feet or so above ground level. Here are some other high-angle garden scenes.

Patio area.
high angle shot

Bottle tree/grass border.
high angle shot

Veggie garden. (Looks much better from on high than it does up close.)
high angle shot

Original bog grass shot.
high angle shot

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11 thoughts on “High-angle views”

  1. Oooo, I like this angle. I will have to try this. I have dragged the ladder around the garden for some high shots before. Lots of trouble doing it that way.

  2. So your dogs don’t bother the border garden?! Wow. What good pups! I have a pair of prey-driven, hole-digging, garden wreckers… but I love them like crazy:)

  3. Jim:

    Well, actually that’s our patio. But this year it’s shrunk in size due to me allowing some verbascums that seeded into the cracks between the flagstones to take over.

    I kind of like it. But I totally understand my wife Elly saying that it makes her feel claustrophobic. Verbascums are scary plants, especially now as they’re pushing fast to flower.

    I recall in one of Julie Moir Messervy’s books, The Inward Garden, she explains seven garden archtypes (the sea, the cave, the harbor, the promitory, the island, the mountain, and the sky) and explains why they work for people.

    I think I’ll add this one and call it the ‘telephone booth’ with the caveat that some folks like tight spaces, others don’t.


    Our dogs have never been persistent diggers. They mostly stay out of the beds, though Jade likes to find dark, bare earth on sunny days early in the season to lay in and enjoy the warmth.

  4. Craig, love the high angle views. Gives a different perspective on the garden space.

    Noticed the garden cart. Did you make it? If so, do you have the plans?

  5. Great picture. Didn’t you post those train pics that you ran through a pan/tilt toy-looking filter? Have you tried it with these pics? They truely are cute. Keep up the good work.


    P.S. Don’t mind me, I came accross your page over a year ago for some reason (I’d have to dig), and have had it as my homepage ever since…

  6. J’adore ces bouteilles bleues…Est-ce des bouteilles d’eau minéral Ty Nant ?’?? On en trouve presque pas en Suisse! je trouve que la lumière est très belle au travers de ce bleu!

  7. Dale:


    That’s an old Garden Way cart that I built from a kit close to 30 years ago. (They supplied the hardware. I supplied the plywood.) It’s gotten pretty banged up. But it still works fine. The front bar is a little bent from using it to haul heavy loads of stone beyond what it was designed to carry. But it looks like their current design would keep that from happening.

    Anyone from the Garden Way marketing department want me to write a testimonial, you know where to contact me.

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