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Effective web video – Professionally produced video is going to cost you $1,000 a minute or more. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do throughtful, well-scripted, entertaining video with a point for much less. This video was pointed out to me as an example of just that. And with almost 700K hits, who am I to argue?

Our Lady of the Bottles – Julie over at the Human Flower Project features the best example of blue-bottle yard art I’ve ever seen. I argue that blue bottles are popular because the alternative is pretty much clear, brown and green.

gardening mamaGardening Mama – New game from Nintendo “allows players to nurture 37 pixelated varieties of fruits, flowers and vegetables” through Japanese anime-like characters. Seemed like their was a pretty heavy emphasis on controlling pests and mixing up serums. Looks like it’s about as satisfying as Cooking Mama, its predecessor where you cook up pixellated meals. If you can figure out how to make this plant grow past the line, let me know. Better idea: Take the grandchildren outside and actually garden, then come back into the kitchen and actually cook.

Making Mosaic Garden Art – A great little tutorial from the fine folks at Find Gardening. I’ve got boxes of shards from expensive pots blown off the plant stand and an old high school buddy who owns a tiling company who has issued a standing invitation for me to come rummage through his voluminous leftovers. So when will I find time to do this?

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