Garden bloggers bloom day – March scans

The customary hat tip and thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting.

I’ve got Eranthis and snowdrops flowering outside (crocus are a little behind), but not enough to fill the scanner bed. So I’m going with forced tulips and pussy willows.

march bloom day scans

Above is a detail from this image:
march bloom day scans

And here’s a sweet potato from the kitchen window sill:

sweet potato scan

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8 thoughts on “Garden bloggers bloom day – March scans”

  1. Maybe I will try to scan some of my tulips tonight. I keep forgetting to try that (I am easily distracted!) All I have outside is snowdrops.

  2. Hi Craig,
    this is vicki from (the maybe gone) KDRD. How did I not know about this terrific blog?
    Lovely scans. As soon as I can spend some time getting today’s photos uploaded, i’ll have to join the very fun “bloggers bloom day” pageant. You will see, if you follow the link with my name, that i have a very separate and different personal blog, too.

    i’m off, now, to have fun looking around in your archives. After i go out and shoo the neighbor’s very cute but very troublesome dog back to his own garden.

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