The WTF blanket

Probably a PG-13. But funny. Especially if you found yourself watching the original commercial and going, ‘Hmmmm…’

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5 thoughts on “The WTF blanket”

  1. I thought I would not stop laughing when I saw the real commercial, but this was so better. They kind of make people look like extras on a Star Trek episode.

  2. Hee hee. Who could watch that and think those things are anything but idiotic! Of course, I can totally imagine some relative sending us those as gifts with a snide “because you live in Buffalo” note.

  3. the first time we saw that commercial, it could have been my husband doing that voice-over to the youtube. I actually might have had a moment of “hey, that looks warm!” before agreeing it’s doofy. Besides, the Buddy blanket is plenty roasty.

  4. Yes!!! My wife and I were making fun of this the other day. It’s insane! WTF indeed! The jedi blanket it is. I need to post about another great add I saw the other day, way late at night….

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