Even more purples and violets

More image dumps from the weekend…

more violets and purples

Monkshood up close
more violets and purples

The floating clouds of fall sedums. Piet Oudolf is big on umbel and umbel-like inflorescences. Note to self: I need more.
more violets and purples

I’ve got a nice patch of a cute little allium I thought I’d lost in the rock garden. Hard to shoot.
more violets and purples

And, of course, some more anemones
more violets and purples

more violets and purples

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4 thoughts on “Even more purples and violets”

  1. See, I think I have too much sedum. Maybe 10 different cultivars (dozens and dozens of plants in total), half are ground covers, but of the taller ones I have probably 8–and I keep snipping off stems and sticking them in the ground around the garden. But boy, I sure do like what they do in the fall, and the fact they are one of the first things to come up in spring is nice. Is that a fall onion, I presume? I think mine is ‘Ozawa’ (spelling?) and I sure do wish I had more.

  2. Benjamin: I think the popularity of ‘Autumn Joy’ makes us all feel guilty about liking sedums. And yeah — they’re fun early in the season, too. I’m going to have to try making more cuttings. I knew that was easy, but never tried it.

  3. I’m drooling over the monkshood. For some reason, I’ve been very much drawn to blue lately. Hmm.

    By the way, I agree with you (more!) and disagree with Benjamin. What is this notion of having “too many sedum” all about? How does one find themselves believing that such a ridiculous thought is even valid? 🙂

  4. I get the impression that Benjamin has way, way more sedum than we can even imagine. Would love to see a picture.

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