GBBD scans and pix: Details, details.

I was in a hurry doing my scans this week. I think they look like crap. (They’re at the end.)

But there are details within each that look OK. So they’re first.

Click on images for larger view.

Cool detail:
bloom day aug 2008

Warm detail:
bloom day aug 2008

White detail:
bloom day aug 2008

And another white detail:
bloom day aug 2008

A few real pix before the full (awful) scans. Joe-pye weed (wild patch):
bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

Rosa ‘Princess Di’:
bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

And the original scans, warm:
bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

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11 thoughts on “GBBD scans and pix: Details, details.”

  1. I’m with Carol… I think that you forgot to put up the crappy ones, Craig. These are gorgeous!

    Your joe-pye weed is interesting. I never noticed the purple stems on them before for some reason, but now that I google them I see that is pretty common. This is why I really like bloom day posts, to get a good idea of what things look like in the garden, even if I can’t grow them in my own.

  2. I am with Pam, my favorite is the white scan, and I am not normally a white person. I also think the dew on the daylily shot is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! What gorgeous pictures! And thanks to you I now know the name of the flower I posted a picture of on my own bloom day post – Joe-pye weed. Mine is also in the wild. I think it’s so nice looking with its dark purples and lighter greens.

    Now I’m off to edit my post to include the name of the flower…

  4. Grouping the flowers by color for your scans is such a beautiful way to showcase a number of blooms in just one photo. I liked them all, but I too find the white collections absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. OK, OK. Maybe I was a little harsh on myself. But after you do a few of these you start to kick yourself when you notice after you’ve done the scan and put the blooms in the compost that you’ve got the one of the rose petals folded over the interesting parts of the flower.

    And while I’m no great shakes when it comes to composition, sometimes they work on first try. Sometimes they don’t. These are a tad awkward but I pressed the scan button without a little rearranging that would have made them better.

    All that said, I appreciate the kind words. Maybe I will have to do a calendar of scans one of these days.

  6. Had I seen the photo of the lilies with the clinging water droplets yesterday, I would have been wild with envy, but our heat wave (only 3 days, but we are spoiled) broke last night with thunder and rain. Now I only envy your photographic skills. If you ever create that calendar, put me down as a customer.

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