Canna quilt by Lisa Ellis

Last winter, I wrote a post about quilter Lisa Ellis. Her quilts blow me away, and I was flattered that she wanted to use one of my images as for a quilt. I really didn’t think my image was all that inspirational. But what Lisa did with it is just spectacular.

canna quilt
Original image.

She saw things in that image that escaped me entirely. What’s even more heartwarming is the way that Lisa uses her talents to raise money for various healing causes. She is donating this quilt to University of Michigan Hospital cancer wing.

Lisa posts about this quilt here. Would love it if you’d stop by and thank her for her generosity.

canna quilt

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4 thoughts on “Canna quilt by Lisa Ellis”

  1. Oh… my. That is absolutely exquisite! I’m so glad that you included a detail shot, Craig–it really shows the amount of work and artistry that went into this. I hope that it raises a whole lot of money for a good cause.

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