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Kim over at A Study in Contrasts had a great post a few days ago, Urban Excavating, where she describes the unusual things she’s found digging around her house. It spawned a great thread.

Who hasn’t dug up something weird? When I lived in town, what looked like a 4-inch patch of slate turned out to be a 10′ x 15′ rough flagstone patio buried under sod that grew up between the cracks.

Here in the country, the theme is tools. Above are three that I had stashed behind the shed after unearthing them in the vegetable garden: A scythe blade, a stovetop flatiron, and a C-clamp. I also found some sheep shears, but they’re buried somewhere in the shed.

In one of the old dumps out in the woods, I found a great enamel chamber pot. Makes a great planter.

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4 thoughts on “Unearthed tools”

  1. The fact that this place was a small farm and cheese factory since the 1860s makes it much more likely that there are interesting things to find below the surface.

  2. Way cool–city, country, doesn’t much matter… the metal tools we unearth seem to have the same patina! :) I like the scythe blade a lot.

    My aunt had a chamber pot (I think hers was metal, too, with a white enamel paint) that she planted up with hens and chicks. What did you plant in your chamber pot?

  3. Plants get rotated through the chamber pot. Most summers, I have some fancy pants hedera growing in it. Then I move it to the upstairs bathroom where the ivy covers an ugly vent pipe that’s near the window.

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