grasses sunday morning

Pam/Digging inspired me with her post Early Fall Grasses. That focused me (mostly) on shooting grasses Sunday morning.

They’re at their best morning and evening when the sun is low, and provide different viewing experiences depending on your perspective, for example looking into the sun (above) or with the sun at your back (below).

grasses, sun at back

They’re easier to shoot in the morning before the wind picks up and puts them in motion. (See videos.)

I didn’t think I’d like this variegated miscanthus when I planted it. It’s now my favorite. It’s backed by M. sinensis ‘Gracimillus’.

variegated miscanthus

I’m always amazed how red Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’ gets, here bent over in the dew.


Another favorite that I incorrectly identified as Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’ in a previous post. (Sorry Kim.) It’s either ‘Dallas Blues’ or possibly ‘Cloud Nine’ according to my less than adequate records.


And a close-up of the seedheads:


Molinia ‘Skyracer’ is a little slow to get going, mostly because I have it too close to some Eupatoriums that shade it some.

molinia skyracer

A ‘blonde’ sedge in the water garden, and Miscanthus floridulus blocking the traffic from the road.

molinia skyracermiscanthus floridulus

It’s been a pretty good year for the M. floridulus. It’s about 12 feet tall and hasn’t flowered yet. It’s flowered a couple times in the half dozen years I’ve had it. It’s not as strong as bamboo. But I use it for wattles and pea trellis (in conjunction with metal fenceposts and woven wire).

miscanthus floridulus

I don’t have an ID on this grass. But I show it because I like the way that the thunbergia has overrun the trellis next to it and has formed a close pairing with the grass.

grass and thunbergia

And one last morning shot …

grass and thunbergia

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11 thoughts on “Grasses”

  1. You really captured the morning light shining through your grasses. They all look great, but I’m especially fond of that mystery panicum. It’s an unusual color, and the seedheads look like fireworks exploding.

  2. Oh, what great pictures of your grasses! No need to apologize for the “incorrect” ID… that just means I need to get one of each to make sure that I at least get the one I want, right? 😉

  3. Great photos, Craig – you’ve put together some wonderful combinations. The bottle tree may have southern origins, but it looks quite at home in the grasses.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. You sure have a nice selection of grasses! I like that bottle tree, too. I see a few in gardens up here, but the cobalt bottles really stand out.

  5. the Dallas blues looks spectacular, im going to get it for my garden.
    i read those seedheads last long in to winter, what kind of height do yours get to and does it look good right through to spring?

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