Sloggers: A-OK

Hank’s recent gushing Slogger Report reminded me that I haven’t come clean on my promise to review the free pair I received as a consequence of being one of the most verbose commenter over at GardenRant.

Best feature: Rugged construction should last forever.

Biggest drawback: I had to drill my own drainage holes. And they didn’t come with any hanging hardware.

They’re really A-OK. It’s just that I have a high arch and sweaty feet and the combination of not being able to feel my toes in a puddle of sweat convince me to return to my favorite garden footwear.

Seriously, they’re a fine product. I’ll just have to go back to the Slogger website and see if I can find a style that fits my foot better than the ones I ordered.

sloggers planted
‘Jaggies’ in the image courtesy of PaintShopPro.

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1 thought on “Sloggers: A-OK”

  1. Yes… you are right. Hanging hardware or a loop or something would be good.

    yes… very good thinking.

    As for the holes, lately I’ve been so covered with perspiration that I’ve had a hard time discerning from where it was all coming.

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