Name that plant

Two entries in name that plant today.

This annual popped up near where I was hoping some cerinthe I grew in a container last year might be seeding around. Now that it’s flowering, even I know it’s not cerinthe. Name that plant.

name that plant

This iconic WPA poster is so iconic, I can’t pin a name on the plant. Is it modeled after a real plant, or just an abstraction>

name that plant

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8 thoughts on “Name that plant”

  1. The blossoms on No. 1 look just like the fava beans we’re growing for the first time this year. I believe the variety we planted is “Windsor” from Fedco.

  2. I agree with Matthew Bricker – that is a Broad Bead as we call them in the UK – mmm tasty!

  3. Yep. Fava beans. I should have known that because I’ve grown them in the veggie garden. Not sure how these ended up in the flower bed, but I think I’ll let them grow.

  4. You’re kidding about not being able to identify the WPA poster plant, right? To me, it’s a definite lilac…

    The fava bean was a mystery to me, however.

  5. All I see in the illustration is popcorn. They’re special popcorn cobs that grow with leaves on long twining stems. It’s broad corn.

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