Bee on Colchicum autumnale ‘Alboplenum’

bee on colchicum

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Actually, I wasn’t actually sure what this flower was. But I googled for awhile and found a post about Colchicum autumnale ‘Alboplenum’ over at Kathy’s Cold Climate Gardening. Turns out that according to my records (that tattered file folder with random packing slips shoved into it), I bought half a dozen colchicums in 2003. But this is the only one that’s still around.  (If you think it’s something else, let me know.)

Couldn’t decide which one I liked best during picture editing, so here’s more.

bee on colchicum

Sharpening did weird things to this one. As a photo, I don’t like it. As a special effect, kind of interesting.

bee on colchicum

bee on colchicum

Unearthed tools

rusty tools

Kim over at A Study in Contrasts had a great post a few days ago, Urban Excavating, where she describes the unusual things she’s found digging around her house. It spawned a great thread.

Who hasn’t dug up something weird? When I lived in town, what looked like a 4-inch patch of slate turned out to be a 10′ x 15′ rough flagstone patio buried under sod that grew up between the cracks.

Here in the country, the theme is tools. Above are three that I had stashed behind the shed after unearthing them in the vegetable garden: A scythe blade, a stovetop flatiron, and a C-clamp. I also found some sheep shears, but they’re buried somewhere in the shed.

In one of the old dumps out in the woods, I found a great enamel chamber pot. Makes a great planter.