Weekend weather

There was a lot of it.

An interesting couple of days here with freezing rain, heavy rain, high winds, power outtage overnight, a little snow and then some sun with everything still iced over. Page on down and you’ll actually see my first flowers of the year, too.

Frozen bittersweet berries. (Click images for larger view.)

frozen bittersweet
Get up close and personal with the 2200-pixel version.

Heavy rains Saturday pushed our little stream over it’s banks.

flooded stream

I was worried about how the beaver dam would hold up during snow melt. I should have more confidence in their construction skills.

water over the dam

Fog over the ridge provided some drama.

foggy ridge

Frozen aconite flower bud ready to pop.

Frozen aconite

Cyclamen in bud, but they’ve been in bud for about three months now.

Frozen cyclamen

Some sun on Sunday morning.

bench in sun

Gratuitous doggie pix, Fred:

Fred and bottle tree

And Jade:

Frozen cyclamen

Close up of the willow in the background above to give you an idea of how much ice is coating things.

Frozen cyclamen

Snow-capped monarda and some more bittersweet.

Snow-capped monardafrozen bittersweet