Remembering summer 2006 (Part 1)

I rediscovered a bunch of images I’d taken and prepared for blogging last September, but never had time to put them online. The scenes came as quite a shock, now that I’ve gotten used to the snowy landscape. Will try to get the rest of the images — mostly vignettes of favorite plants and combos — over the next few weeks as we countdown to spring.

Click on pix for larger images.

Bathroom view View from the bathroom window, now under that curvy drift in the winter images.

Border and containers
Border and containers.

The container cluster, which is now the container stack in the winter images. Brugmansia, cannas, elephant ears, dahlias.

ContainersExpanded water garden, which finally froze over about 3 weeks ago. Hope the fishies are doing OK.

‘Half Dozen of the Other’ – With Snow

Ever since helping with Patrick Dougherty’s sculpture installation last fall, I couldn’t wait to see what it looks like in the snow. We finally got a storm. But I wasn’t able to get down to see the sculptures until noon. I suspect that they had shed some snow in the morning sun. But they still have a different atmosphere than they did in fall. Click images for larger view.

Half Dozen of the Other - long shot


Half Dozen of the Other - close-up

Up close

Half Dozen of the Other - inside


Half Dozen of the Other - backside